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Lenovo IdeaPad S12 - Netbook Review

Lenovo is extremely pleased to existing its Lenovo IdeaPad S12, which was famous as one of the Top 5 Laptop computers for 2009. People believed that Asus had an advantage with its Eee sequence, but the Lenovo S12 surrounded it out with its low price, bigger monitor dimension and a more practical key-board.
The Lenovo S12 is operated by Intel's Atom N270 processer at 1.6 GHz and it also is a minilaptop computer that leaders the addition of VIA's New ipod nano cellular processer as an Apple substitute. The Atom is really getting some firm competitors for the Via New ipod nano processer, which has been getting brags lately. Plus, NVIDIA's Ion technological innovation is predicted to be presented in the S12.

A nearer look into the Lenovo IdeaPad S12 will provide us an concept on why it is one of the best.
The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 is less heavy than most netbooks even if its measurements are a few inches wide bigger than the common minilaptop computer. The IdeaPad S12's nasty framework looks give this minilaptop computer a business-like impact that is reliable with most Lenovo laptops.
Many would be satisfied with the IdeaPad S12's 12-inch LCD show, which can be considered from various perspectives. You would think that you are using a standard-sized laptop when viewing films from the S12.
Comfort is Lenovo's center name as writing on the IdeaPad S12 is practical as this design has a full-sized key-board. This function is not conventional in many netbooks; plus, its touch pad is a very useful function.
The IdeaPad S12 has one awesome function that other netbooks don't have: the experience identification program. This nice function allows one to log in to the minilaptop computer by simply placing your experience at the front side of the web camera.
However, multi-tasking is a expand in the Lenovo S12. Its Apple Atom N270 processer is able to deal with primary essential workplace programs. One can also do the regular web surfing around work and press play-back. That's about it.
VIA New ipod nano ULV 2250 ( 1.30GHz 800MHz 1MB )
Intel ATOM Processor N270 Individual Primary ( 1.60GHz 533MHz 512KB )
Screen Size: 12.1 " WXGA TFT 1280x800
Operating System: Ms windows XP Home Edition
Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
Graphics: Apple Design Media Decrease 950
The S12 features of an assortment power time of a highest possible of 6 time. The Lenovo's framework is durable and is able to deal with the common traveling with a laptop tasks. Plus, its huge show and huge important factors cause you to think that the IdeaPad S12 is the normal-sized laptop. The dimension the LCD show creates this minilaptop computer a cut above the relax.