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The descriptionary term of INDUSTRIAL ROCK BANDS apparently first came in to use during the 1980s. The industrial rock groups Industrial Rock Bands blend aspects of genres like rock, punk, post punk, new wave, synth pop, synth punk and electronica with the often abrasive and challenging edges of the original industrial music artists from the 1970s and 1980s. Hence traditional rock instruments like guitars, bass, drums and vocals are combined with synthesizers, samplers and custom-made instruments.

For profiles of many seminal electronic industrial gothic rock bands see http://www.AustralianGothicIndustrialMusic.com/bands/artists-profiles.html

Of the many long-term underground industrial rock music projects is the music band called EYE.

See http://www.EYEmusic.info or http://www.blatantpropaganda.org/eye/

Regards EYE's dark electronica side projects:

- For AYA see http://www.blatantpropaganda.org/music/aya/ and for

- For the E.L.F. music group visit http://www.ELFmusic.info

They are all released on the alternative music record label called http://www.BlatantPropaganda.org/music/ which is managed by alternative music DJ http://www.DJRobotCitizen.com

For a pinterest board of industrial rock music band images, photos, pix and pictures see https://www.pinterest.com/industrialrock1/industrial-rock-music-bands/